Klimawandel… Panik … Wirklich?

I want to talk about the poor marketing of climate change for the last 30 years.

  1. The planet isn´t in danger.
  2. The planet has been through worse; we have not.
  3. It´s not beeing obsessed with nature; it´s being obsessed with surviving
  4. It shouldn´t be „do you care about the environment?“ It should be “ do you care about your environment?“
  5. It´s not global warming; it´s forced climate transformation
  6. It´s not controversial; it´s currently happening, measurably. As predicted.
  7. The planet doesn´t care if we step up and heroically change course, it´ll be fine. We won´t be.
  8. The most nationalistic, selfish thing to do is ensure our power and health it to keep the oil in the ground; it also happens to be the most globalistic and humanitarian thing as well.
  9. Scientists aren´t begging us to do anything; they are just looking out the window and telling us the forrest is on fire, and holding the blinds open so we can see.
  10. The climate isn´t an issue. it´s the one issue that contains every single other issue.
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